1139 Miles

In 2004 and 2005 members of Slung Low visited Bosnia-Herzegovina to collect digital and photographic material.

Through the next two years over 20 emerging artists were invited to development sessions every three months in Bradford to work on the material and share skills and practice.

The resulting theatre installation was performed for two weeks in September 2006 in an empty unit in the Centenary Square development.


Artists (development and performance):

Tash Banks, Tom Dalton Bidwell, Daniel Bye, Ben Eaton, Lucy Ellinson, Heather Fenoughty, Alex Ferguson, Dan Ford, Nic Fryer, Dominic Gately, Alan Lane, Dan Mallaghan, Jodie Marshall, Ric Mountjoy, Josie Murphy, Sally Proctor, Christopher Haydon, Lucy Hind, Ben Pugh, Matthew David Scott, Caitlin Smith, Alison Staples and Richard Warburton.



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