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The Holbeck

The Holbeck is a performance space for visiting companies.
It is also a rehearsal and making space for companies in the area who have need of it. You can book the space through this simple form.
Equipment and a van

In addition, thanks to the support of the Arts Council, England we have a store of technical equipment that is available for those who are making progressive performance in the area and who have need of it.

A touring lighting rig. Projectors. Sound systems. Audience headphone systems. And a a transit van*.

These resources are collectively held here at the Holbeck for use by those artists making and performing on the M62 who have need of it. You just need to drop us a line letting us know what you need and when ( and we’ll take it from there.

Like with everything at the Holbeck if you have money we’ll happily take it off you to help support our activities. But we recognise that most of those who have need of this equipment wont have money. We also believe that the provision of these resources is part of the responsibility we have to our community of theatre makers. 
However we ask people who get help from us to give what and how they can; to come down and work on our shared allotment, chop wood for the audience fire, volunteer at one our events or help out in whatever way they feel they can.

Times are difficult for everyone. Together we stand a better chance in achieving our ambitions, making what money there is go further and reaching the audience we hope to. This is our bit.

Slung Low

*only to drivers 25 years old or older (sorry it’s our insurance company not us)

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