They Only Come at Night: Resurrection

Milo is a graphic novelist.  And his latest offering- They Only Come at Night- is eagerly awaited by all in the know.

And now you’re in the know.  You are invited to the VIP launch of Milo’s most exciting work to date- a graphic novel on the imaginary events that took place one night when creatures took over a multi-storey car park. But the rumours on the internet are suggesting that maybe those events weren’t so imaginary after all. That maybe Milo is in over his head shining a light on a world that is best left in the shadows?

An installation in the Lowry studio where 150 audience member are trapped in a room surrounded by vampires. Thankfully trapped in the room with them is the world’s greatest vampire hunter, Quinn.


Resurrection performed in the Lowry studio 2-12 September 2012.

Created by Barney George, Laura Clark, Matthew David Scott, Dave Toole, Richard Warburton, Heather Fenoughty, Ben Eaton, Matt Angove, Lucy HInd, Victoria Pratt, Joseph Lau, Daniel Watson, Alan Lane, Ric Mountjoy.


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