They Only Come at Night: Visions

Every night in every town there’s something that happens at the edges of where we want to look. A stabbing at a bus stop. A pool of blood on a door step. A murder in a car park.

We’re told who to blame. Gangs. Booze. Foreigners. Random Violence.

But some are starting to know better. Starting to recognize the things that have stayed hidden in the shadows for so long.

For as long as we have been here so have they. Every action must have its opposite and they are our reaction.

The creatures. Our balance. Just as shadow cannot exist without light.

But the order is changing. Our shadow siblings won’t stay in the dark anymore.

They are coming.

Visions performed for 3 weeks in November 2009 at the Barbican Centre to sell-out audiences.


Created by Laura Clark, Matthew David Scott, Dave Toole, Richard Warburton, Heather Fenoughty, Ben Eaton, Matt Angove, Lucy HInd, Victoria Pratt, Lucy Hansom, Lucy Ellinson, Alexander Winterkamp, John Carter, Lizzie Wiggs, Andrew London, Daniel Ford, Daniel Rollings, John Hunter, Alan Lane, Ric Mountjoy, Dan Watson.

**** “Might just be the greatest theatre company around” Time out. Critics’ Choice.

“An exhiliarating experience” Yorkshire Post

“It was intense experience, the fast pace and intimate interaction with the superb actors making you feel like you had landed your very won starring role in a zombie/vampire movie” Huddersfield Examiner



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