Cultural Community College


You have arrived at the information home for the Cultural Community College! We are thrilled that the Cultural Community College is very nearly ready and we are at a very exciting time; being in the process of finalising the courses’ specifics, dates and times as well as styles of course delivery! We really hope that we will be able to meet you on one of these courses during this first term, details of which we will be sharing with you soon but for now, feel free to read some useful information about the Cultural Community College below so you can be excited too!

The Cultural Community College will be a place to come and learn, free at the point of use.  The activity programme will have a wide array of classes and courses for adults aged 18+ covering subjects from basic life skills such as CPR, all the way to creative hobbies and interests including Stargazing and the HUB Choir.

When it’s time, you will be able to book a place on your desired course using a link on the courses webpage. Each of the courses are unique to the College, therefore their times and durations are specific to the activity, so when you find the course that you would like to book a place on, take note of the duration of the course, days and times.

All of the courses are Pay-What-You Decide – you decide how much you think the activity is worth after you taken part and the courses will be based at Slung Low’s HUB in Holbeck, under the viaducts of Holbeck Junction.

For the first instalment of classes from September, the activities have been programmed by Slung Low, with guidance from the college’s Community Advisory Board and then after the first year it is our intention the course content to be chosen by the participants themselves who will automatically become a member of the Cultural Community College.

To quote Slung Low’s Artistic Director: ‘You are what you do. And so, in our little part of the world in Holbeck, we are going to make a varied, high quality creative education available to everyone who wants it regardless of financial status. Because that’s what we want to be- people who think that is important- so that’s what we’ll do. Hold the space to create the opportunity of a cultural education beyond the market place.’

Our thanks to the Paul Hamlyn Foundation and Arts Council England for their support.

We are so very happy that this project is nearly here and that the people of Holbeck are at the centre of it.

The courses will be available to book shortly, but don’t worry, we will let you know when.


Slung Low x