Cat in Hell by Ollie Smith

26th May 2013 @ 5:00 pm – 1:30 pm

A spangly new show about getting the cream and choking on it.

Ollie Smith has dressed up as a demon and Olwen Davies has dressed up as his cat – because Ollie asked nicely and Olwen never thought not to do as she was asked. Only this cool cat has other ideas on who’s really in charge.

Via sleek whiskers and glamorous assistants, handcuffs and horror movies, conjuring tricks and confetti, Cat in Hell is a nightmarish dismemberment of escapology acts, circus sideshows and Vegas-style cabaret – and a black-humoured meditation on loneliness and control.

Ollie Smith is a live artist, theatre maker, writer and musician. In addition to Cat in Hell, Ollie is currently touring a solo show, 27, and has been collaborating with artist and writer Michael Pinchbeck on The End, and its recently completed follow-up piece The Beginning.


Supported using public funding through Arts Council England.  Developed and supported by Emerge (Leeds/Bradford), Hatch (Nottingham) and NewVolutions (Lincoln).


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