30th May 2014 @ 7:30 pm – 8:30 pm

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GODS ARE FALLEN AND ALL SAFETY GONE is an investigation into what happens when we discover that our parents are flawed human beings, and that at some point, sooner than we think, they are suddenly going to disappear from our lives.

Two imagined women, a lifetime of experience apart.Two men, becoming those two women for an hour of their lives. A mother and daughter quietly observing it all.

Intimate and funny, this play presents a lifetime of conversations, condensed into one hour.

A simple, complicated idea perfectly executed. Intelligent, emotionally intelligent, and somehow seeming to conjure a huge picture of the world from almost nothing; Gods Are Fallen and All Safety Gone is one of the most perfect pieces of theatre I have ever seen.”
Andrew Haydon, on ‘Gods Are Fallen And All Safety Gone’, at the Almedai Festival. Full review here

“I suggest you take your mother along to see it. Walk out with her arm-in-arm, just like I did. It may be too early for drinks at that point, but it won’t be too late to talk. For as long as it’s not too late to talk to your mother, “Gods are fallen” may not break your heart.”
Natalia Antonova, on ‘Gods Are Fallen And All Safety Gone’, The Moscow News. Full review here

“Dimitrijevic’s sequence of four repeating mother-daughter conversations is perfectly simple in structure. But within its framework, she produces a superbly subtle analysis of the comedy and agony of this closest of family relationships.”
Joyce MacMillan, on ‘Gods Are Fallen And All Safety Gone’, The Scotsman. Full review here

There is a very limited capacity so to reserve a ticket please email boxoffice@slunglow.org  with the number of tickets you wish to reserve and  a contact telephone number.

Tickets will be “Pay What You Decide” which means you will pay the company AFTER the show.

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