H.P. Lovecraft’s POLARIS – Michael Sabbaton

30th October 2016 @ 5:00 pm – 6:15 pm
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Based on H.P. Lovecraft’s Epic Tale of Fragmented Reality

1920. In a Louisiana swamp, a man disturbed by recent events and too afraid to sleep begins to relive his nightmare. All around, there is a strange aurora of light. The man anxiously stares into the dark sky above and through the vapour-soaked trees the pole star, Polaris, winks hideously striving to convey some strange message of the man’s ancient, ancestral past.

Falling under the star’s hypnotic spell, he travels through dreams of twisted realities finally arriving at a threatened city in a strange, pre-historic, arctic land. Torn between identities and struggling to hold on to an ever crumbling sanity, the man must defend the city and his own sense of self as an unseen enemy draws ever near

The horror of a reality shattered and an existence in turmoil sets the stage for Michael Sabbaton’s latest adaptation from the chilling mind of H.P. Lovecraft. Performed and devised by Sabbaton himself and originally written in 1918, Polaris is the first in Lovecraft’s dream cycle. Boundaries between time and space are warped and worlds, at first clear and defined, become malleable and strange in this cult, science-fiction horror predating other,contemporary works such as Moon, Prometheus and Total Recall.

Press Quotes on Sabbaton’s The Temple
Sabbaton proves himself a master at invoking the audience’s imagination
Brutal as Hell
Sabbaton conveys the staggering ambition of the original text
with an added degree of psychological depth.
Sabbaton’s intense performance brings out the claustrophobic sense
of being trapped in the enclosed space of the submarine
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