My Heart is Hitchhiking Down Peachtree Street

13th July 2013 @ 3:00 pm – 14th July 2013 @ 9:00 pm

Written & Performed by J. Fergus Evans

Sometimes home sits heavy in your bones. Sometimes you leave. 

Performed in a surprise location in the Holbeck Underground Ballroom

and using animation, folk music and spoken word, this intimate and original 

new show is about trying to make sense of where you come from when you’re 

far away from home.

Fergus has lived in England for almost seven years. He hasn’t been back to his hometown in five.

my heart is hitchhiking down peachtree st takes you to the sticky heat of Georgia Atlanta, to hear stories of Southern Comfort, growing up under homophobic state law, dancing drag queens and the singing cicadas.  It’s about the stories

you tell people when they ask you where you’re from and knowing that, once you leave, you can’t go back.

 my heart is hitchhiking down peachtree st  is a truly intimate and immersive experience

J. Fergus Evans is a yarn-spinnin’, boy-kissin’ spoken word and performance artist.

He was artist-in-residence for Contact’s At Home project and was selected for Apples and Snakes’ Incubate programme, a long-scale development programme for emerging spoken word artists.

Fergus’s work focuses on the restaging spoken word using video, soundscaping and sculpture.

My Heart is Hitchhiking down Peachtree Street was co-produced by and premiered a sell-out run at Contact, Manchester in Spring 2012. The show was also supported by The Albany, London..


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