21st April 2018 @ 2:00 pm – 3:30 pm


More Than A Mouthful is Commoners Choir’s menu of ideas based on the importance and magic of growing and preparing food. In the time it takes us to sing a setful of songs, Josh Sutton will prepare and cook a meal using ingredients gathered from The Sharehouse in Pudsey (the UK’s first waste food supermarket). Hopefully there’ll be more than a mouthful for everyone in the audience to have some at the end! There’ll be an exhibition of menus culled from Royal Banquets (roast swan a speciality) and entry is free with a tin or packet to donate to the local foodbank.

It’s an idea that the Choir have been chewing on for some time. From first milk to last supper, food provides daily sustenance. The lucky ones among us might enjoy up to three meals a day, maybe more if we count that late night snack before bedtime or those cheeky elevenses every once in a while. But for others, it may well be a different story.

Over one million people are dependent on food charity in Britain today. It’s a figure that no government is keen to publicise. A shocking but not surprising statistic in a world where an industrialised food system and agricultural policies give rise to unscalable mountain ranges of food waste. Enter The Real Junk Food Project, and others like it, that not only highlight the insanity of food waste, but make some of that waste available to those that might otherwise go without.

But as well as providing nourishment to the body, food can nourish the soul. Feasts beget communities. Gathering together to eat has always been a vital part of society and culture, and what resonates across communities the world over is this simple and basic act of compassion: that we make sure that all around the fire are fed; that there should be enough to go around. Eating, like singing in a choir, is an act of empathy, communality and sharing.

Commoners Choir invite you to join us for a concert of four-part harmony singing and live cooking, and hopefully more than a mouthful’s worth of ideas, food and singalong choruses.

More Than A Mouthful will cover the four compass points of Leeds over two weekends in April. The series of events has been supported by Leeds Inspired.

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Entry to this performance is free with a can or packet to be donated to a local food bank.

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