6th July 2014 @ 5:00 pm – 6:00 pm

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Jack Bennett thinks it’s daft that we ask teenagers to make really big decisions about their lives. He had to, and it’s done him no good whatsoever. He was going to be a world-renowned musician, but one wrong turn and look at him … a two-bit actor with an identity crisis.

 So he’s decided to ask some pretty big questions; what’s learning for? Why all the rush? And isn’t educating people just to produce tax-payers to prop up a system that doesn’t benefit a staggeringly large proportion of people, well, rubbish?

 Jack Bennett will fill your belly with fire, your mind with rage and your mouth with giggles.

Awarded a Suitcase Prize Special Commendation at Pulse Festival 2014

“Jack Bennett’s Too Much Too Young is an ideal showcase for his affable mix of stand up and social observation” The Public Reviews

There is a very limited capacity so to reserve a ticket please email  with the number of tickets you wish to reserve and  a contact telephone number.

Tickets will be “Pay What You Decide” which means you will pay the company AFTER the show.

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