The Statement of Randolph Carter by Michael Sabbaton

28th November 2013 @ 8:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Based on H.P.Lovecraft’s Classic Horror of Forbidden Knowledge and Desire –

In the hot, Florida summer of 1920, the strange occultist, Harley Warren, ventures deep underground. With only the dimming light of his lantern to guide him, he feels for the damp, moulding steps that mark his descent. The corpse rich smell of hideous entombment forces him to wretch but still he descends. The ceremony must begin…

On the surface Warren’s assistant, Randolph Carter, listens to his progress through his own mounting fear. A scream! It’s Warren…

Full of subtle terror, Michael Sabbaton brings H.P. Lovecraft’s chilling tale of forbidden knowledge to life in this character driven adaptation of classic horror.


‘Definitely the best Lovecraft adaptation. Ever’ Fortean Times *

‘Movingly poetic and quietly terrifying…A chilling, mesmerising adaptation’ Three Weeks *

‘Sabbaton cycles from commanding through unsettling all the way to full-on disturbing, but is never short of captivating’ The British Theatre Guide *

‘Perfectly captures this descent into insanity’  The List *

‘Strong creation of intense character’ The Stage *

‘An arresting performance’ The Scotsman *

* On The Call of Cthulhu


The show will last approx. 60mins and contains some strong language and material.


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