Two Schmucks Three Opinions

17th November 2013 @ 7:30 pm – 8:30 pm

Four years ago two friends, Steve and Jonathan, got into a Facebook fight, and as grown men  decided to take it inside. Others take their fights outside, but, well. You know…  Our fight was about Israel and Palestine. As theatre makers, we decided to take the only course of action available. This turned in to a three-course action – lunch, or to be precise three lunches. During these lunches we spoke about Israel and Palestine but also found out about each other, about how maybe we had gotten to the  positions we had. Steve transcribed the whole nine yards, well actually more like nine hours. Then we spent three years not having lunch, gradually editing it in to a 90 minute piece.


We ask each audience member to bring a dish of food to share. You eat together while we perform. The first act is autobiography, the second act is the argument and the their act is you – the audience. What you think.


We’d love you to join us.


Some feedback from those who came to the pilot showings of Two Schmucks, Three Opinions in London last year:

You’ve got a great play there and it needs to be produced.  It’s strength for me is that it does what great plays do – through the particular to the universal.

Thanks for a great production – a fascinating format- and a very interesting discussion. All power to you and the development of this innovation.

I can see this format of show work really well. The informal atmosphere, the food, the chatting … it’s fairly low-fi technically speaking, so easy to run. I thoroughly enjoyed the personal histories (biogs), the backgrounds, the different levels and layers of Jewish-ness (like the different period of (e)migration, class, etc). I also enjoyed the juxtaposition of Steve’s idealism vs. your realism regarding the Jewish-Arab conflict

-I had expected to see a reading centred on our (cosmopolitan London yids’) take on the Israel Palestine malarkey. It wasn’t, it was far more interesting, you and Steve were exploring yourself and the cultural collision that makes you (and each of us). 

Thank you Jonathan and Steve)….for a very exciting 1 hours and 40 minutes. Truthfully, I was dubious as to whether you’d hold my interest; you did… and so much of it resonated. I sincerely hope you will take this further.


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