The Johnny Eck and Dave Toole Show

Johnny Eck was an American Freak show performer born without the lower half of his torso. Eck is best known for his role in Tod Browning’s 1932 cult classic film, Freaks. Dave Toole is a dancer, choreographer and performer from Leeds. In 2012 he was the man who flew high above the Paralympics Opening Ceremony. This in many ways is the least of what hs has done.

Part Freak Show, Part Biopic, Part This is Your Life ceremony The Johnny Eck and Dave Toole Show was performed in the Tiltyard at the Royal Armouries, Leeds in April 2013. As part of the West Yorkshire Playhouse’s Transform season.

Made By Matt Angove, Mark Atkinson, David Bennion Pedley, Billy Dog, Carla the horse, Mick Cassidy, Mark Catley, Laura Clark, Porl Cooper, Suzi Cubbage, Dillon the horse, Emily Eason, John Godbolt, Shelley Haden, Vicki Harrison, Sarah Hartley, Lauren Harvey, Pat Hearty, Lucy Hind, Maureen Kershaw, Aisha Khan, Alan Lane, Danielle Le Quesne, Amy Letman, Victoria Marzetti, Loren O’Dair, Oliver Senton, Chris Speight, Freya Thomas, Dave Toole & Stan Walton

Read the programme note here

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©RWD13_Transfrom D7_038Image by Richard Davenport

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