The Knowledge Emporium

The Knowledge Emporium is a sweetshop with one big difference: it doesn’t take money. It trades sweets for knowledge- your knowledge, your stories, your recipes or anecdotes or beliefs for sweets.

Write something in the Big Book of Everything We Know and help yourself to sweets.


The Emporium sat- in its first outing- on Tavistock Place, off Portobello Market for two weeks in July 2010. Manned by the performers Oliver Senton and Suzanne Ahmet, over a 1000 people made entries in the Big Book of Everything We Know.

At the end of the fortnight a reading of the material collected was presented to audiences.

Since then The Emporium has travelled around the country to differing communities, collecting knowledge and performing readings of what people know.

The Emporium has collected knowledge from Portobello Market, Norwich, Corby, Doncaster, Edinburgh, the South Bank, Watford, Greenwich, Cardiff, Stockton, Ipswich, Hammersmith, Bramley (Leeds) and Hull.

This has been possible because of invites from The Watford Palace, The Corby Cube, The National Theatre, The Gate Theatre, Hull Truck, The Arc in Stockton, Greenwich and Docklands’ Festival, Wales Millennium Centre, Northern Stage, Liverpool Playhouse, Barnsley Civic, Stoke On Trent, The Lyric, I Love West Leeds Festival, Festival 2012 and Doncaster County Council.

The Knowledge Emporium continues to tour the country, recording and reading more and more knowledge.