Original Bearings

An exploration of Holbeck and how the myths of a city are created, and how those stories are told.

100 signs each with a different tale of Holbeck appeared in the area over a week. Some were verbatim from local residents, some were pieces of history, some were made up.

Original Bearings started life as a bus-tour of those signs, a presentation by the Holbeck Institute – champions of a brighter future for this forgotten suburb of South Leeds. But as the tour gathered pace the truth and fiction became harder to distinguish and before the audience knew it a Spitfire was exploding into flames on the moor and a cowboy with a horse had arrived to tell his story.

A co-production with the West Yorkshire Playhouse.

The 100 stories are archived here www.wypfurnace.co.uk

Made with writer/performer Mark Catley and Siddique Akbar, Matt Angove, Luke Binns, Laura Clark, Jane Earnshaw, Nadia Emam, Heather Fenoughty, Dominic Gately, Alan Lane, Amy Letman, Victoria Marzetti, John McAreavy, Ruth Middleton, Doug Nicholson, Eddie de Pledge, Pete Reed, Jack Sankey, Katherine Tate , Adele Vines and Sam Wood.

And a chorus of students from the Universities of Leeds and Huddersfield.

The show featured pies from the Growler’s Bakery in Pudsey extensively.



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