Past HUB Events

3rd November 8pm Inua Ellams Rap Party

3rd November 3pm Making Less Babies

2nd November 10am POWER: Question and Disrupt Current Structures

1st November 8pm The Preston Bill

31st October Friday 2nd November 6pm & Saturday 3rd November 6pm Let’s Share A Meal (part of Tonight We Fly)

30th October 7pm Love Letters Straight From Your Heart

21st October 5pm Lands

14th October 5pm Katie & Pip

7 October 7pm We Are Ian

7 October 11am How To… Party! 

23 September 5pm The Last Seam by CAST, Doncaster

9 September 5pm Pigsurt’s Daughter by Daisy Cambell

2 September 5pm Songlines by Dugout Theatre and HighTide

17 June 5pm Anyone’s Guess How We Got Here by Barrel Organ

20 May 7pm Gudrun Sisters (Falling In Love Again)

20 May 5Pm Different From The Others presented by Jonny Best

20 May 11am How To… Cabaret!

13 May 5pm Who Wants To Live Forever?

22 April 5pm The North! The North!

21 April 2pm More Than A Mouthful

15 April 3pm & 5pm Last Resort

25 March 5pm Leaving

16 March Yorkshire Aid Fundraiser

11 March 5pm The Audit

10 March 7:30pm The Best of BE Festival

4 March 5pm Outrage

25 February 5pm Police Cops in Space

18 February 5pm The Death Show

4 February 5pm Brennan Reece – Everlong

2 December 12:00 Christmas Fayre

12 November 5pm Morale is High (Since we gave up hope)

19 November 5pm Remote

26 November 5pm Man On The Moon

3 November 7:30pm The Haunted Moustache

29 October 7:30pm Kwaidan

27 October 7:30pm Sing-along-a-Wicker Man

22 October 7.30pm Swansong

22 October 5pm Le Foulard

22 October all day How To…Festival 7: Make ‘Em Laugh!

15 October 5pm Manpower

12 October 7:30pm Quarter Life Crisis

8 October 5pm We Are Bronte

1 October 5pm 20B

17 September 5pm & 8pm Royal Vauxhall

7 September 6:30pm Resilience (SCALARAMA FILM SCREENING)

8 September 7:30pm Brown Willy (SCALARAMA FILM SCREENING)

30 July 6:30pm A Super Happy Story (About Feeling Super Sad

27 July 1pm The Memory Store at the HUB with live-scored films presented by Yorkshire Silents

2 July 5pm Derailed

13 July 7:30pm Brennan Reece – Everlong

23 & 25th June 6pm The Translator (formerly Up and Up and Up Towards)

16 June 7:30pm Richard Carpenter’s Close To You

11 June 5pm Melancholy

4 June 5pm The Marked

28 May 5pm A Place Called Happiness

14 May 5pm The Best of Both Worlds : A Busker’s Opera

7 May from 11am How To…Festival 6: Home, Heritage & Belonging

7 May 5pm Between The Two (Part of How To…Festival 6)

7 May 7pm Bubble Schmeisis (Part of How To…Festival 6)

29 April 7:30pm Best of Be Festival

9 April 5pm Gypsy Queen

2 April 5pm Am I Dead Yet?

25 March 7.30pm Marksman

19 March 5pm Brennan Reece : Everglow

12 March 5pm Eurohouse

26 Feb 5pm Safe House

19 Feb 5pm Getting Better Slowly

18 Feb 7:30pm Police Cops

5 Feb 5pm Joan Babs and Shelagh Too

22 Jan 5pm From Ibiza To The Norfolk Broads

Sun 27 Nov 5pm Police Cops

Sun 13 Nov 5pm The House Behind The Lines

Sun 30 Oct 5pm H.P.Lovecraft’s Polaris

Sun 16 Oct 5pm Shooting with Light

Tue 18 Oct 7:30pm Learning How To Die

Thu 15 Sept 7.30pm – Scalarama screening – Waxwork with Yorkshire Silents)

Sun 25 Sept 5pm Where Do All the Dead Pigeons Go?

Sun 2 Oct all day How To…Festival 5 – Bride of the Fun Palace of Fear

Sun 2 Oct 7pm The Time Machine

Sun 9 Oct 5pm 64 Squares

Sun 4 Sept 5pm You, Me and Everything Else

Sun 31 July The Road to Huntsville 5pm

Sun 24 July Ventoux 5pm

Fri 8 July Stories To Tell In The Middle of the Night 7:30pm

Sun 3 July Preggers 5pm

Sun 26 June Petrification 5pm

Sun 19 June A Machine They’re Secretly Building 5pm

Sun 12 June The Economy of Ecology 5pm

Sun 5 June Victoria Melody presents Hair Peace 5pm

Sat 4 June How To…Festival 4: Long Ago & Yesterday from 11am

Sat 4th June Yorkshire Silents 5pm (as part of How To…Festival)

Sat 4th June Vive La Variete 7pm (as part of How To…Festival)

Sun 22 May Cell 5pm

Sat 14 May Ceilidh at the HUB 7pm

Sun 8 May 1972 : The Future of Sex 5pm

Tue 26 April The Preston Bill 7pm

Sun 24 April The Best of BE Festival 5pm

Sun 10 April 15 Minutes Live at Holbeck Working Men’s Club 2pm

Fri 8 April Made (work in progress) 7pm

Fri 25 March Emergency Story Penguin 11:30am

Sun 6 Mar Alaska 2pm & Sun 6 Mar Alaska 5pm

Sun 21 Feb Macbeth 5pm

Sun 7 Feb Everything I Bought And How It Made Me Feel 5pm

Sun 31 Jan Locus Amoenus 5pm

Sun 24 Jan Crew For Calais Fundraiser 5pm

Sun 6 December Christmas Fayre 2015 (from 12 noon)

Sun 22 November Me and Mr C 5pm

Sun 8 November A Firm Of Poets: The People’s Republic Of Poetry 5pm

Thu 5 November A Pleasing Terror – Two Ghost Stories by M.R. James 7.30pm

Sun 1 November Gated Community 5pm

Sun 18 October The Town Meeting 2pm

Sun 18 October The Town Meeting 5pm

Sun 11 October Electric Dreams 5pm

Sun 4 October How To…Festival 3: Fun Palace of Fear

Sun 4 October He Had Hairy Hands 5pm (part of “How To Festival 3: Fun Palace of Fear!”)

Sun 4 October Urban Voodoo Club 8pm (part of “How To Festival 3: Fun Palace of Fear!”)

Sat 3 October The Devil Without 7:30pm (part of “How To Festival 3: Fun Palace of Fear”)

Sun 20 September Manuelita 5pm

Sun 2 August Going Viral 5pm

Sun 26 July In Our Hands 5pm 

Sun 26 July Buster Keaton & Charlie Chaplin : An afternoon of classic silent film comedy 2pm

Sun 19 July The Midnight Soup 1.30pm

Sun 19 July The Midnight Soup 5pm

Sun 5 July Soledad & Betto 5pm

Sun 21 June Nine Lives 5pm 

Thur 18 June That is All You Need To Know 8pm

Sun 14 June Big Girls Blouse 5pm

Sun 31 May How To…Festival 2: Magic & Showmanship from 11am

Mitchell & Kenyon in Leeds at 5pm

Auntie Myra’s Fun Show 7.30pm

Tue 26 May The Siege 7.30pm

Sun 17 May Grandad and the Machine 5pm

Sat 9 May Ceilidh at the HUB 7pm

Sun 10 May Nothing at 5pm

Sun 26 April Penelope : RETOLD 5pm 

Sun 12 April Waiting for Stanley 5pm

Sun 22 Mar Ablutions 5pm

Sun 15 Mar Fat Man 5pm

Sun 8 Mar The Call of Cthulhu 5pm

Sun 1 Mar Karaoke 5pm

Sun 8 Feb Inside 5pm

Sat 6th Dec Christmas Fayre

Sun 30 Nov 5pm Johnny Got His Gun

Sun 23 Nov 5pm The Pearl

Sat 15th November 12pm  3pm & 6pm – Veil

Sat 15 & Sun 16 Nov (times vary)  The Fixer

Sun 16 Nov 5pm The Boy Who Kicked Pigs

Sun 2 Nov 7.30pm H.P Lovecraft’s The Temple

Sun 9 Nov 5pm Casting The Runes – Two Ghost Stories by M.R.James

Thu 30 Oct 7.30pm Sing-along-a-Wickerman

Sun 26 Oct 5pm Lost In The Neuron Forest

Sun 19 Oct 5pm Best of BE Festival

Sun 12 Oct 5pm Faust

Sat 11 Oct 7.30pm Solfatara

Sun 5 October 5pm Send More Paper – An Uplifting Tale About Murder

Sat 4 Oct 7.30pm I Told You This Would Happen

Sun 28 Sept 5pm Half A Person – My Life As Told By The Smiths


Sun 21 Sept 5pm The Watery Journey of Nereus Pike

Fri 19 & Sat 20 Sept 7.30pm Don Quijote

Sun 3rd August 5pm Dead To Me

Sat 26 July 1pm HOW TO … Festival at the Holbeck Underground Ballroom

Sun 27th July 4pm The Worried Walrus

Sun 27th July 7pm Norsesome

Fri 18 July Patent Pedrick

Sun 13 July 5pm Icarus

Sun 6 July 5pm Too Much Too Young

Fri 27 July 7.30pm Weekend Rockstars

Sun 22 June & Mon 23 June Le Grand Voyage

Fri 30th May 7.30pm Gods Are Fallen And All Safety Gone

Sun 18th May 5pm Our Fathers 

Sun 11 May 5pm Hi Anxiety

Thu 1st May 7.30pm Locus Amoenus

Sun 27th April 5pm All The Bens

Sun 13th April 5pm Taking Charlie

Sun 6th April 5pm Desert

Sun 30th March 5pm Away From Home

Sat 29th March 7.30pm Madame Lucinda’s Wonder Show

Sat 22nd March 7pm Ceilidh at the HUB

Sun 16 March 5pm We Used To Wait

Fri 7th March 7.30pm A Firm Of Poets

Sat 8th March 7.30pm Songs For Breaking Britain

Fri 21st  February 7.45pm The Secret Life Of You and Me

Sun 16th February 7pm A Warning to the Curious

Sat 8th February 7.30pm We Can Be Heroes

Sun 2nd February 5pm Babylon

Sat 7th December 7pm Grandma Remember Me

Sun 24th November 7pm Billy With His Boots On 

Wed 13 November 7.30pm Translunar Paradise

Sun 17th November 7.00pm Two Schmucks Three Opinions

Sun 10th November Oh Whistle

Sat 9th November The Best of BE Festival

Mon 28 – Wed 30 October The Statement of Randolph Carter

Sun 27 October Letter to the Man

Mon 14th October  The Ghost Hunter

Sun 22nd Sept  Midnight at the Boar’s Head

Sun 15th Sept  Unmythable

Tue 30th July  Solfatara

Sun 28th July  Summer Jamboree 

Sun 28th July  When We Embraced / How To Occupy An Oil Rig

Sun 21 July A Conversation with My Father

Sat & Sn 13 & 14 July My Heart is Hitch Hiking Down Peachtree St

Sun 23rd June Set In Stone

1st & 2nd June (times vary) An Icy Man

26th May Cat In Hell

5th May  A Thousand Shards of Glass.

7th February Freedom Studios present Street Voices 4

18-20th February  Some Small Love Story & Beulah by Flanagan Collective and Hartshorn and Hook

24th February 15 Minutes Live by Slung Low. 15 Minute radio plays performed live in front of you

15th March Borges & I by Idle Motion.

Christmas Fayre 2012: 1st December 2012

The Raun Tree: 4th-6th October 2012

The HUB is at 67-71 Bath Road, Holbeck

Leeds LS119UA

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