Small Worlds

An interactive installation combining live performance, music and digital projection which takes you on your own personal journey through a series of rooms as you experience and uncover the mysteries surrounding coincidence, the Universe and worlds within worlds.

Mark is a young boy who sees the world in his own very special way. His older brother is in the army now but just before he went to the desert he told Mark to look after his prized marbles. And Mark can’t find them anymore.

The piece takes place in 5 self contained boxes, total sensory installations.

In association with Fuse Theatre and Liverpool 08, European Capital of Culture.


Artists: Jo Berglund, Marie Blunck, Ben Eaton, Lucy Ellinson, Heather Fenoughty, Lucy Hind,Sally Kent, Alan Lane, Daniel Mallaghan, J.C. Marshall, Victoria Pratt, Ben Pugh, Matthew David Scott, Richard Warburton and Ade Ward.



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