They Only Come at Night: Pandemic

The vampire series They Only Come at Night came to an end when the company was invited to the Singapore Arts Festival 2012.

The world is over run by the vampiric horde. On the island state of Singapore the followers of Guru Chester Rickwood held out against the beasts for much longer than most- despite a lack of defences.

As one of the few remaining humans left on the planet you’ve come to the Old School to find out what their secret was, and if it will help you in the face of the vampires that are approaching up the hill.

The show performed in Old School for a run of 15 sell-out shows in April 2012.

Written by John Hunter.

Performed by John Carter, Lucy Hind, Nicholas Shaw, Amanda Tee and Dave Toole.

Made by Laura Clark, Barney George, Matt Angove, Heather Fenoughty, Ric Mountjoy, Alan Lane, Joe Bone, Peter Reed, Valentia Chew, Wilson Xin, Al Hafiz Sanusi and Grace Lee.

“Pandemic does a delicate balancing act between being an amusement-park haunted attraction and a dramatisation of some pretty series moral issues”  Singapore Today