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Who Wants To Live Forever? by Cheryl Martin

Who Wants To Live Forever? by Cheryl Martin

Sun 13 May 5pm
Who Wants To Live Forever is a jazz fantasy about loss, love and hope set among the stars.Created by singer/performer Cheryl Martin, Who Wants To Live Forever is about one woman’s life-long love for music, for the stars, and for her lost baby brother. It’s about camping holidays and friendship; about learning how to sing so that you can sing to the stars; about loss and memory, and turning memory into myths of Amazon princesses sailing the skies.Who Wants To Live Forever combines science fact, real-world psychological observation, and autobiography with lots and lots of live jazz vocals to ask why some stars shine more brightly than others, human and celestial, and why people love to watch them falling. All channelled through the music of legendary African-American jazz singer Billie Holiday, the first star Cheryl wished on as a child.


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