What is the HUB?



“The HUB is building an envious reputation as one of the leading platforms to show off the best cutting edge theatre from around the UK…”

“Special thanks to Slung Low for their welcoming hospitality, making it feel more like a friend’s house than a theatre”

“Can’t think of many better ways to spend Sunday than down at the HUB…”

“Just had a terrific and different Sunday afternoon sat under railway arches in Leeds, escaping into five different worlds…..The surroundings are unique, the price is right and the event was wondrous. Everyone should seek out SlungLow or Google the Holbeck Underground Ballroom…”

“…..Slung Low ‘s Hub is looking beautiful & welcoming, the most unique Yorkshire theatre space….”

“Love that after 8 years of going to events in Leeds it’s still possible to happen upon places like Holbeck Underground Ballroom”

“What a welcoming & generous vibe the HUB has”

“Cant believe it was my first time at SlungLow. Beautiful space.”

“Loved the show tonight – Sunday is the new theatre day.”

Slung Low is a company that makes adventures for audiences outside of conventional theatre spaces.

Slung Low’s home is the Holbeck Underground Ballroom (The HUB). Five railway arches in Holbeck South Leeds.

The HUB is a rehearsal space which we make available to those making performance in the region who have need of it.

The HUB is also a place where we can invite exciting new work from other companies and present them  to an audience; a makeshift performance space.

We also understand that in these times committing to see a piece of theatre isn’t the easiest of choices, so we will always welcome you as warmly as we can, the kettle will always be on, and because everyone has different circumstances as many of our shows as possible will be “pay what you decide”-you give the amount of money you think is right after you see the show.

We look forward to welcoming you.

You can click here for a quick tour around the place.

The Original Statement of Intent for the HUB is below.

In January 2013 Slung Low were joined by Porl Cooper as HUB and General Manager. This mission statement was expanded to focus energy on presenting more visiting work at the HUB and a commitment to offer as many events as possible on a “Pay What You Decide” basis- the audience paying what they can afford on the way OUT of a performance.

But the underneath is as true now as it was when we moved in.

This was the initial statement of intent when the company took over The Holbeck Underground Ballroom in 2011.

It has long been an ambition of the company to have a home for all our activities, a space where we could develop our ideas, build our systems, rehearse our shows and prepare for an audience. A place that would help the development of work, create more time and space for ideas and somewhere we could be in control of our process. Having more freedom over the way we make work is an important part of our planned development as the artistic ambition of our projects continues to grow.

Alongside this important thinking about the development of Slung Low’s process came new thoughts. The idea that a company which made performance throughout the country also had the desire to be a bigger part of its home city’s cultural activity. Both as a company and through our individual careers, through our close links with Development Lab and other West Yorkshire based organisations, we had often noticed the need for making space. The need for more resources (space, production aspects, post production support) in Leeds and beyond is something that has come up time and time again with emerging, young and not so young anymore artists who we have worked with or whose work we had enjoyed experiencing.

Given the recent changes in the landscape of West Yorkshire’s smaller theatre spaces it became even more obvious that for people exploring progressive performance (or what the rather mighty Chris Goode refers to as ‘upstream’ work) there were few places that were able to house development work.

And so this new venture for Slung Low is hopefully not just going to be about us. Our work over the last few years has allowed us to collect a considerable stock of equipment; sound systems, plasma screens, projectors and the screens to use them, silent disco equipment and a full High Definition video editing suite amongst much more. It’s ours in the sense that its our responsibility to care for it but it was bought with public money and its not practical nor desirable for Slung Low to be using it all the time.

We want to share it. We want to share it because we know full well that other people need such resources and it seems silly for us not to. But we also want to share it because our practice now, as it has been always and almost certainly will be until we call it a day, is based on good will, on favours, on the benefit of the doubt, on creating a company of people with shared intention and mutual respect. On creating and working within a community of like minded, dedicated artists; and it seems like a good time to make the bit of that community we engage with bigger.  The HUB makes it possible for us to do this.

The HUB is going to be our home- we will use the space to make better work, developing it more thoroughly so when it reaches you it will have a greater impact. But the HUB will also be home to others. We will have the space and facility to provide ‘messy making’ room for more than just Slung Low and have every intention of sharing it will all who might have need of it.

We hope, and will work hard to achieve that hope, that the HUB becomes a resource for many companies, artists and projects. We look forward to supporting work that we will be able to share with you all. As you can see from the photos we have our work cut out for us! But that has always been the case with Slung Low so it is fitting that it’s the same when taking over our new home. Details about how people can engage with the space (as artists, as audience, as whatever you want to be) will be along in April and you’ll be the first to know about it all but in the meantime we wanted to let you know what we are up to.

See you now,

Alan Lane,

Artistic Director, Slung Low

The HUB is at 67-71 Bath Road, Holbeck

Leeds LS119UA

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To reserve tickets please email boxoffice@slunglow.org  with the number of tickets you wish to reserve and  a contact telephone number.

All shows are "Pay What You Decide” which means you will pay the company AFTER the show.